Burst Safety Valve


 (DN: 250 – 2000mm, PN: 6 – 40bar)

  • Face to face dimension according to DIN EN 558,Series14 (DIN 3202-F4)
  • Flange drilling for fabricated steel valves according to DIN EN 1092-1 (DIN 2501) similar with ISO 7005-1

(The flange of valve can also be manufactured according to ANSI standard in both classes of 150&300 according to customer’s order.)

  • Flange drilling for ductile cast iron valves according to DIN EN 1092-2 (DIN 2501) similar with ISO 7005-2
  • Final test according to DIN EN12266 or ISO 5208

Coating paint: epoxy powder paint with electrostatic process





Fields of application

Power plant, Tanks, Water distribution

Shell Material

Cast iron, Fabricated

Size (mm)

DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400, DN450, DN500, DN600, DN700, DN800, DN900, DN1000, DN1200, DN1400, DN1600, DN1800, DN2000, DN2100, DN2200, DN2300, DN2400, DN2500, DN2600, DN2700, DN2800, DN2900, DN3000

Pressure (bar)

PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40

Pilot Circuit of Burst Safety Valves:

Burst safety valve with a bypass circuit at the inlet of valve:

Burst safety valve with a bypass circuit at the outlet of valve: