Our goal:
Design and manufacture of industrial valves in accordance with the requirements set maintaining market access to new markets, development and profitable consideration.

 Our vision:
The emphasis on management approach system trying to institutionalize the culture of continuous improvement and prevention of defects in all activities and processes in order to achieve zero waste.

 Our quality policy:
1. Business market share of industrial valves with design and manufacturing of new products and industrial
2. Continuous improvement of product quality by performing corrective and preventive actions
3. Increase the level of customer satisfaction with the quality of products
4. Promote risk-based thinking in the organization, in order to reduce the risk of adverse consequences affecting the process
5. Staff morale boost accountability and involving them in achieving quality objectives
6. Reduce waste in processes affecting the quality management system

 Our model:
Quality management system based on requirements of ISO 9001:2015 our model is to achieve the above objectives.

Our commitment:
I, together with all employees(staff) are committed to implement all the requirements set based on quality system requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
The above policy introduces the main orientation of the company’s quality. Obviously access to the above objections without the participation of all staff is impossible. The main ways mentioned in all activities and documentations is considered as a work platform and the management representative takes action of its teaching and explaining at all levels of the organization to be ensured of full understanding of the concepts and practicing of them.
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