The CEO of MECHANIC AB Company has begun his activity in water industries since 1982 and during all these years he has followed seriously the research and development in different parts of this industry such as designing pump stations and industrial valves. These efforts resulted in compilation of three books named “Pump Selection Manual”, “Water Hammer and Protection Systems” and “Application of Automatic Control Valves” and publishing several articles in international magazines. Also he was successful to produce and manufacture the butterfly valve at 1985 for the first time in Iran.

MECHANIC AB Company was established in Tabriz-Iran at 1992 with the aim of designing and manufacturing industrial valves. The company was successful to achieve the certificate of TÜV-NORD Company in quality management by means of establishing the international standard for quality management system ISO 9001. The scope of mentioned certificate is:

Designing and manufacturing valves, fitting and pipe joints for water industries with different sizes from 50 to 3000mm and pressure from 6 to 63 bars.

After all these years experienced MECHANIC AB is now able to design and manufacture different types of industrial valves and fittings, mechanical equipment of dams and water hammer protection systems via employing expert staff and of course taking advantage of its wide plant area and various types and numbers of machines.

Considering the high potency of manufacturing and also the high knowledge of our technicians we claim with honor that we are able to produce the most complicated orders of respectable customers. Our customers are not limited to a special location and considering our various products and of course our great maintenance services the number of our customers is increasing day after day.

We are proud of our industry and organization and always trying to improve our products quality.

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